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Jyotisha Lab

Dr. Nilamadhab Dash

Asst. Professor (contractual)
Lab incharge

E-Mail id : nmdash35@gmail.com
Phone No.- 9861324413

Indian astrology is an experimental science. Therefore, to know this scripture, practical knowledge should be done. Graha Nakshatra should be seen daily through Graha Vedha Yantras.
Practical knowledge is necessary for the intellectual development of the students, so keeping this in mind, the Department of Astrology and the Jyotish Laboratory have been established from 1-4-1918. Therefore, the students of Shastri Acharya will have practical knowledge from this astrology laboratory.
Classroom processes of learning, teaching, development (different aspects), measurement, assessment and evaluation and The dynamics of the students, teachers, other school personnel including principal and administrative staff, parents, community etc.

  • The department faculty members have made the “GOLA YANTRA” and “SURYA GHATI YANTRA” (SUN WATCH) which is installed surrounding the in front of the Saraswati temple of the campus. It is very-very helpful to the student staffs and outsiders.
  • Jyotish subject related Rashi, Grah, nakshatra charts have been made by the faculty members. It is installed in the lab of Jyotish department.
  • Various instruments are available in this astrology laboratory. Such as Gol Yantra for astronomy, Azimuth Yantra, Chakra Yantra, Compass, Lens to observe palmistry, Eclipse script for eclipse knowledge, Telescopic instrument for observing planets during night time, Rain measuring instrument, Wind measuring instrument, Planets Geocentric heliocentric orbit order, high-low chart of planets, instrument for doing sine math, vaastu yantra for vaastu knowledge etc.

    Gol Yantra (Iron)
    Gol Yantra (Bamboo)
    Globe (Oriya) & Globe
    Azimuth Yantra
    Weather Meter
    Wooden Solar System
    Chakra Yantra
    Prismatic Compass
    Day and night with wooden stand
    Wind Indicator
    Spherical Box (20 wooden Figures)
    Geometry Box (wooden eighteen instruments)
    Pyramid with 10 sides
    Pyramid with 8 sides
    Old Telescope 1
    Telescope bearing 2
    New Telescope 3
    Rain measuring meter
    Heliocentric planet orbit order Chart
    Geocentric planetary order Chart
    Sparsh grahan Parilekh
    Madhyagrahan Parilekh
    Grahan Dashagraas chart
    Grah uchch neechaadi chakr