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In the tradition of atheistic philosophy, this philosophy of Sankhya is the most scientific, the oldest and the most popular. The word Sankhya is derived from the prefix sam when the suffix an is added to the root chakshin, and the derivative meaning of this word is thus done, the elements by which they are numbered and known are called Sankhya, or the twenty-five elements of nature and others are numbered and counted. The knowledge of the manifest and the unmanifest is called Sankhya. Thus all the nirvacanas presented here are acceptable to Sankhya. Maharshi Kapila was the pioneer of this philosophy. The Sankhya Sutra compiled by him is the basis of this philosophy. As a similar discipline, the discipline of yoga must also be taken here. It was pioneered by the great sage Patanjali, the incarnation of Sheshanag, and the great sage Kapila, the incarnation of Vishnu, of Sāṅkhya. That is why Lord Krishna said in the Gita as follows:

सांङ्ख्ययोगौ पृथग्बालाः प्रवदन्ति न पण्डिताः । एकमप्यास्थितः सम्यगुभयोर्विन्दते फलम् ।। यत्साङेख्यैः प्राप्यते स्थानं तद्योगैरपि गम्यते । एकं साङ्ख्यं च योगं च यः पश्यति स पश्यति ।। (श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता,5/4,5)

Our Sri Sadashiv campus is one of the twelve campuses of the Central Sanskrit University and the oldest one. There are eleven departments in our campus, among which the Department of Sankhya yoga has reigned since its inception in the year 1971. At present, the department is chaired by Dr. Ashok Kumar Meena, Moreover, three teachers have been working on contract basis for more than ten years. With the constant efforts of the teachers of the department, this department has grown steadily. Students from other regions get admission after hearing about the achievements of the department. However, according to the rules of the University, only students who have scored suitable marks in the previous examinations are admitted. During the last five years, many talented students of this department have participated not only in state level competitions but also in various all India level competitions and won medals and certificates.
Some students after qualifying PhD entrance exam are getting scholarship and continuing their research work. Some are now working in various govt. sectors. Departmental teachers have been invited as guests, judges and experts in many schools, colleges and universities throughout India. The teachers of the department are always dedicated in the progress of the department. The teachers and students are very regular in this department. Students follow the teachings of telling the truth, practicing religion and not being distracted from their studies. The students of this department are very simple, well-educated and passionate about learning. Teachers are conscientious, passionate about students, and experts in their subjects.
  • Inclusion of a pre-classical classroom.
  • Post Graduate (PG) Diploma.
  • Enhancement and expansion of the Department of Sankhya Yoga in other campuses of this University.
  • Teaching and broadcasting of yoga experimental classes through projectors.
  • Extension of departmental libraries.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Meena
Associate Professor
Sl.No. Name Designation Profile Details
Dr. Ashok Kumar Meena
Associate Professor
Dr. (Smt.) Sukanti Barik
Assistant Professor (Contract)
Dr. (Smt.) Bikasini Gumansingh
Assistant Professor (Contract)
Dr Pankaj Kumar Tiwari
Assistant Professor (Contract)