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Yogic Sciences & Spirituality
Yoga is a science of consciousness, a science of personality, and a science of creativity. It dignify the essential unity that is the basis of life. It embraces the full spectrum of reality, from the most spiritual to the most material. The philosophy of Yoga is practical and applicable in our day-to-day living. The practice of Yoga is process self discovery. It is an awakening of long deep rooted memories of whom and what we really are! Yoga, as union, implies perfect harmony of body and mind. It implies the harmonious integration of personality. The most common benefit of Yoga practice is the sense of well- being at all levels of our exercise.
Yoga has now got worldwide acceptance. On 11th December2014, the 193 member UNGA approved India’s proposal by consensus with arecord177 co-sponsoring countries, are solution to establish 21st June as International Day of Yoga. In its resolution, the UNGA recognized that Yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being and wider dissemination of information about the benefits of practicing Yoga for the health of the world population. Yoga also brings harmony in all walk of life and thus, is known for disease prevention, health promotion and management of many lifestyle-related disorders. .
Department of Yogic Science offers the opportunity to journey into the depth of your yoga practice. Department of Yogic Science offers a natural haven for those who seek an experience and environment in which to evolve in body, mind and spirit. Department of Yogic Science is a world renown yoga school specializing in the traditional Classical and Ashtanga system of yoga. Our school has dedicated itself to sharing and spreading the knowledge of this miraculous lineafe, continuing to inspire and evolve yoga practitioners around the world.


  • The aims of Yogic Science Department is to promote deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, Vedic studies and practice based on ancient yoga tradition for health and well being of all.


  • Dissemination of the tents of Indian Culture and Human Values. Education and Research in the discipline of Yogic Science Department and to promote a proper blend of science& spirituality.
  • Conducting research on various stream of science based on yoga & ancient vedic culture like Veda, Upanishads, Philosophy etc.
  • Teaching and research in the field related to self employment , village management etc. With a view to usher a new social order.
Sl.No. Name Designation Profile Details
Dr. Prem Prakash Pandey
Assistant Professor